Adelais Terms of Service


By using any services provided by Adelais Networks you agree to enter into a legally binding contract to abide by the terms herein, and the terms located in the Acceptable Use Policy. The Acceptable Use Policy is part of these Terms of Service, and a violation of that Policy will be regarded as a violation of these Terms of Service.

Adelais Networks reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time, and has no duty to inform its customers of such a change. The changes will be posted to the web site as soon as they take effect.

Any items that are left open are subject to the final discretion of Adelais Networks and its Officers.

Cacncellation Policy

For all accounts, you must submit notice of cancellation five (5) days before your recurring bill date.

Termination Policy

If you terminate the contract before the end of the contract for personal reasons, Adelais Networks will not refund to you any fees or payments you have made unless it is within thirty (30) days of your first payment.
Adelais Networks reserves the right to terminate your account for any reason not covered within these Terms of Service, with a prorated refund, with a notice of seven (7) days.

Adelais Networks also reserves the right to terminate your account at any time, with no notice, if you violate the terms contained herein. Adelais Networks will not refund any money to you if the termination is due to a violation of the terms contained herein.

If your account is suspended for money reasons for more than one week (7 days), Adelais Networks will send you a warning. If the warning is ignored and the proper funds are not added, Adelais Networks has the right to terminate your account one week from the warning date (14 days from initial suspension date).

Data held in a suspended account is not accessible by the delinquent client. The client has two ways to reacquire his/her data, to either (a) Add enough funds to reactivate the account, including all missed payments and applicable late fees as outlined herein; or (b) Pay Adelais Networks 50% of the missed payments. If the client opts for (b), the data will be archived and sent to the client, and then the account will be terminated.

All data on a terminated account will be deleted promptly, and you waive the right to seek legal redress if Adelais Networks followed the rules laid out in this Terms of Service while proceeding with termination.

If your account is terminated for violation of the AUP, a $5 termination fee or a fee equivalent to two months of service, whichever is more, will apply.

Payment/Late Fees

Upon receipt of your first payment, Adelais Networks will activate your account. Adelais Networks's automated billing system will then charge your account the next month five (5) days before your payment date. If your account does not have the necessary funds by the payment date, your account will be suspended. All data is maintained on a suspended account until account termination.

A suspended account can remain in suspension for two weeks (14 days) before it will be terminated. When Adelais Networks receives the necessary payment plus applicable late fee, the account will be immediately reinstated.

There is no late fee for Shared Hosting accounts that have been suspended due to lack of payment for less than a week. After the first week; however, a late fee of fifty percent (50%) of the plan's monthly cost will be required for reinstatement.

If your account is suspended for reasons other than payment, you are still liable for all relevant account fees. If your account is suspended for these reasons, and your account passes into the next payment term while being suspended, you must (a) remedy the problem that resulted in the suspension, and (b) pay all applicable late fees and the plan payment before having your account reinstated.


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the services rendered to you by Adelais Networks, and it is within the first thirty (30) days of your contract with Adelais Networks, Adelais Networks will refund all money received from you, with the exception of any applicable setup fees.

If you have committed a violation of these Terms of Service within those thirty (30) days; however, you waive all rights to exercise the 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Adelais Networks will honor any additional refund agreements made between you and an Officer of Adelais Networks provided that you do not violate the terms contained herein, and you follow any additional terms set in the additional refund agreement.


The amount of damages that may be assessed on Adelais Networks may not exceed the amount of fees it has collected from you. You waive all rights to excessive or punitive damages assigned to Adelais Networks by another entity, and agree to pay all legal fees and court costs resulting from litigation in which you are the plaintiff against Adelais Networks.

You also agree to hold harmless Adelais Networks, its Employees, Officers, Directors, and Shareholders for actions that fall within these Terms of Service.

In addition to holding the Employees, Officers, Directors, and Shareholders of Adelais Networks harmless, you agree to not file lawsuits against Adelais Networks's Employees, Officers, Directors, and Shareholders, but only against Adelais Networks as an entity.

No Warranty

No part of these Terms of Service may be construed as a Warranty to anything by Adelais Networks. You acknowledge that Adelais Networks has no responsibility for any information or content that passes through its servers. Adelais Networks's 99.9% Uptime Guarantee does not mean that your service will be uninterrupted or without errors. The Internet is not perfect, and nothing associated with it can be.

Everything that Adelais Networks does is to be accepted by you "as is", with no implied or explicit warranty on it or its usefulness.